The Clink: thank you BBC for this hilarious news report

“The Clink, probably the first prison in England, built in the 12th century by the Bishop of Winchester. The prison was notorious for the brutal treatment of its prisoners and received its distinctive name from the clinking sound of the prisoners’ manacles and chains. Standard torture practices included stretching prisoners on the rack, crushing with heavy weights, boiling in oil and forcing prisoners to stand in water until their feet rotted.”

London by Tube: A History of Underground Station Names by David Revill

Pigeon detainedWhat is wrong with the world when corrupt FIFA officials continue in their roles, earning heaps of money quietly laundering money, while in other world news, a pigeon is detained on suspicion of being a spy?

You think I’m joking? I’m not.

I also double checked my diary to make sure it was not in fact the 1st April. This is a true story and you can read it on the BBC.

I am not standing on a soap box to champion pigeon rights.

I just had to share this breaking news as an example of the absurdity of the media (I know I work in the media and so does my clever sister) – not individuals, but the whole, massive crowd-mentaility, band-wagon force that is the western media. It’s crazy what gets into the news and equally bonkers what does not get into the news.

No matter how much mess pigeons have made in London, I sincerely hope he is not being forced to stand in water until his feet rot (my feet hurt at the thought). And of course I don’t wish that on Sep Blatter, or footballers who rape and live extravagant lives and people still think they are cool and are paid more per week than most people will earn in a life time (don’t get me started on them), or mindless individuals who destroy lives and shatter ancient monuments.

But I do have a bitter sense of justice not being done and I sometimes wonder about the world we (the collective we) are building for ourselves…

On an aside, occasionally dip into this book about the history of London tube names, it’s a fascinating read.

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