Back to the gym

“The room door opened, and Mrs Waterbrook, who was a large lady – or who wore a large dress: I don’t exactly know which, for I don’t know which was dress and which was lady – came sailing in.”

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Back to the gymI’m sorry to keep coming back to Dickens, but this one was a priceless nugget under a pile of clippings which I have fished out on the auspicious occasion of my return to the gym.

I also love a giggle and thought you might like this description.

For a very good reason, I’ve spent the last month and a bit putting my feet up and tenderly allowing my body to rest. Though just over a month, it felt more like 3 months – so much has happened personally, building-wise, at work and French (did I mention that I’m learning French?), I can hardly conceive of it being only about 5 weeks long.

In the words of Vizzini (The Princess Bride): “Inconceivable!”

So, to gym we went so that I don’t need to purchase a large dress. It is pitiful how unfit I have become in such a short time, but I did it. I was told once by a PE teacher that the longest distance is between the sofa and the door. Never a more true word was said.

3Km. 32 minutes. A sore knee. An endorphin filled brain. A good night’s sleep. An almost happy heart. Certainly hopeful.

One thought on “Back to the gym

  1. Love the positive effects of endorphins. Well done on making the journey from couch to door.


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