Family fun

S-J: Mommy I don’t want any more.
M: Have three more beans.
S-J: I already had five beans.
M: Just one more then.
(M takes dinner plate away.)
S-J: Mommy, can I have a roll?
M: No, you can’t have a roll. If you’re still hungry you can have some more supper.
S-J: I don’t want supper, I want lunch.

My observations: my family in action.

Science museumYes, they are here – the Zambians have arrived. There is a growing pile of small shoes at the door, a tent in the lounge and Lego EVERYWHERE!

The thing I love about family and especially children are that they keep you on your toes. You can never let down your guard because there are ‘flapping’ BFG-type ears everywhere picking up ‘stompies’ (that’s cigarette butts for non-SA’s).

And most importantly, the conversations are priceless – so many quotable conversations. There is also much ‘wheeler dealing’ about everything from snack portions, to pocket money, to bed time – equality is very important and though size may not, age does matter.

Fun with mirrorsToday we braved the museums – The Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. There really is just too much to see Mirrorsand do that it’s impossible to do all and see all and imperative to be selective. Refuelling is also paramount so after a ‘near fatal’ encounter with an hydraulic T-Rex, we were ready for a hot chocolate and sandwich.

Next we spotted some mammals and creepy crawlies and some fairly graphic human body exhibitions including some fun with mirrors (see photos). Escaping the hordes of the NHM we moved on to the interactive games of the Science Museum. The SM was pleasantly quieter and frankly a relief. This was followed by a IMAX show called ‘Robots’ and some popcorn.

Can you believe we left home at 9:30am and we only just got home after 5pm? Spent!

Tonight bed time has been moved forward for children and possibly for adults.

Super-aunty signing off now …

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