Brexit, Frexit, Grexit … and in true African time, Zexit!

“[South Africans] are on friendly terms with time, and the plan of beguiling or killing it does not come into their heads. In fact the more time you can give them, the happier they are, and if you commission a [South African] to hold your horse while you make a visit, you can see by his face that he hopes you will be a long, long time about it. He does not try to pass the time then, but sits down and lives.”

Out of Africa (with a bit of poetic licence) by Karen Blixen

Z-DayBreaking news this morning was that the ANC has officially decided to recall Jacob Zuma. Journalists are calling it Zexit (thanks David Cameron) and Z-Day (thanks WW2).

My poor South Africa, sunny and bright though she is, has been on a rollercoaster ride of drought and water shortages, Finance Minister hiring and firing, Gupta-leaks and Bell Pottinger-Gates, and the most politically volatile currency in the world. Are things finally looking up for SA? Just before the Brexit referendum in 2016, the Rand was valued at R23 = £1 … and Trump has not helped – can we vote for a Trexit, please?

Today, at the delightful prospect of Z-Day, the Rand has strengthened to R16.63 = £1. South Africans are waiting with bated breath, their tekkies ready for the toyi-toyi of joy. Oh the braais, beers and biltong that will follow this auspicious moment!

With no new news of my own today, I’ve enjoyed pouring through the extremely talented artwork from political cartoonists all over the world who are enjoying the last laugh today.

P.s. I have not actually read Karen Blixen’s Out of Africa (first published in 1937). I’ve watched the 1985 film and love Meryl Streep. EEK, I’ve broken my own rules – can I have diplomatic immunity if I promise not to build a fire-pool?
P.p.s. I think I’ll have to read it now – I just won’t handle the guilt.
P.p.p.s. African Time is really a THING. I’m actually a little bit pro African time with notable exceptions being when I don’t want to be late for something – more on that another time.
P.p.p.p.s. It’s not new new news, but our builder has broken ground on our little piece of green in South Africa (pictured). Hubby and I toasted with a Tiger beer and curry at our local Indian followed by a weekend in Hull with my brother and family.

3 thoughts on “Brexit, Frexit, Grexit … and in true African time, Zexit!

  1. How exciting to see they have broken ground in Morgan’s Bay!

    Your blog made me smile then I saw the cartoons and smiled even more. Would have actually laughed if it was not so very sad!!!!



  2. Once again a great blog looking at the South African political scene .I look forward to the developments that you observe in the future.x


  3. Here’s to a new beginning – for our beautiful country and your beautiful home! Happy days!


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