“What shall you do all your vacation?,” asked Amy. “I shall lie abed and do nothing”, replied Meg.”

Little Women by Louisa M Alcott

She sat on at the dressing table, feet dangling a few inches from the floor. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror, adjusted the cushion under her bottom, and pulled herself up tall. Flecks of sunshine danced across her face. The light played across the table in front of her, catching a string of glass beads and throwing a rainbow of colour around the room.

She reached out and gently touched a powdery brush protruding from a drawer. She carefully pulled the drawer out a little, closed her eyes and put her nose right inside the drawer and inhaled – powders and colours and tubes and smells.

Movement in the mirror heralded Mama, walking up behind her, a pair of scissors and a comb in her hands, “So you want me to cut it to above your shoulders just like Carolyn’s – in a bob?”

She nodded, “Just like Carolyn’s.”

Mama raised her eyebrows, “You’re sure?” Another nod, stronger this time. “Ok then!” Mama smiled.


Now, I sense you were enjoying that story. But I’m sorry to tell you that what followed can only be described as carnage …..

That little girl was me, aged 8, and when those golden locks began to fall, so did the tears and the snot and the end of the world.

I’m quoted as pleading with my mother to, “Stick it back on!!!”

I’d always been praised for my beautiful long fair hair. And there, in that moment, I was Samson – short-haired and stripped of all my pride and power. Ruined!

“What will I tell everyone at school?” I asked my mother between sobs. My hair had already started to curl at the temples, and kink out on one side, the side that never behaves.

“Tell them that a change is as good as a holiday,” was my mother’s advice.

I’m not sure how that went down with my fellow 8 year olds the next day at school, but I have to say that my Mama’s advice has always been good …

An so, if you’re wondering what happened to me (and Hubby)[#bloggingabsense], we went on holiday.

Below I give you some pics from our holiday in South Africa and eSwatini (nee Swaziland), and a weekend in Norway walking the Pilgrim’s trail:

Newton, Johannesburg – Cupping course at Craft Coffee:

The Kruger National Park:

eSwatini (ex-Swaziland):

Morgan Bay, Wild Coast, South Africa:

St Olaf’s Ways, Trondheim, Norway

P.s. Our South African holiday was 3 weeks long, a road trip (the 3 Amigos – me, Hubby and my Mama) through the Kruger National Park, eSwatini, Zululand, the Natal South Coast and finally a week in Morgan Bay checking on our house-build.
P.p.s. Norway  was a business trip with a weekend thrown in. The pilgrim walk is called ‘St Olaf’s Ways’ and in total covers 167km of countryside, villages, fjords and byways. Hubby and I walked 23km on a gorgeous sunny day.
P.p.p.s. ‘Cupping’ is tasting in the coffee world. Hubby and I were really bad at cupping – couldn’t identify our chocolate aromas from our citrus. It’s really difficult!
P.p.p.p.s. I promise to give a house build update soon.


One thought on “Holidays

  1. Hi Nyamazela.What a lovely account of hairstyling at an early age.The popular “bob”is always a favourite style.Your recent safari in eSwatini and walks in Norway have produced brilliant photos and shows that you all had outstanding trips.The beauty of Morgan Bay is evident .Well done on the house build.x


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