Taking risks

Susan and Lucy ask if Aslan the lion is safe — to which Mr. Beaver answers: ‘Who said anything about safe? ’Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.’

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis

Hair dyed red and black
Me, circa 2009

I’ve stood on boulders, dyed my hair purple and skinny-dipped in the sea, so I often forget how risk-averse I really am.

Last weekend Hubby and I went to Rye. We stayed in the rather atmospheric Jeakes House. Built circa 1650, it’s decorated in the style of ‘Mrs White in the library with a rope‘ and other such scenarios.

On Saturday night, in the low-ceilinged, dark wood-beamed bar (‘honesty box’ at the end of the bar counter), Hubby and I settled down to a ‘quick’ game of Monopoly.

Three hours later I found myself sans money and mortgaged to the hilt because every time I landed on Pall Mall, Whitehall or Northumberland Road, Hubby smiled wryly, put out his hand and demanded 1,200 MM (Monopoly Money) from me.

“Game’s over. You win. Bed time. It’s late,” I finally announced.

“You should take more risks,” Hubby tried to encourage me. “You were ahead. You should’ve bought houses and hotels ages ago, but you were too conservative. It’s okay to have a mortgage. It’s just a game.”

Just a game?!! JUST A GAME?!!

Spending money – even Monopoly Money – makes me uneasy. My chest tightens, I start doing Maths sums in my head constantly, and my heart races.

So, as the saying goes … in Maths and trembling … I’ve faced this week. To begin with, the ZAR took a dive on Friday, so Hubby and I sent our last bit of savings over to South Africa for our house build. I’m much more comfortable saving than spending and lately all I seem to be doing is spending.

To make matters worse, we finally got around to booking flights. I’m gob-smacked and wide-mouthed. It’s UNBELIEVABLE what airlines charge people to visit family for Christmas!

There goes the budget for getting the plumber in to our UK flat and fixing the scratch on our car …

Panic-aside, our house is really starting to look like a house now.

P.s. The roof arrives tomorrow. Hubby is super excited about the roof for some reason – must be a man thing. Right now, I’m trying to find someone to make the curtains.
P.p.s. My darling maternal grandfather’s only comment when he saw my dyed hair: “Your hair is bleeding.”
P.p.p.s. It’s our builder’s birthday today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY H!



4 thoughts on “Taking risks

  1. Hi .I love the saving plan you have and being thrifty.A great asset to have in your financial plan.The spending is so worthwhile with the great new build and the immense satisfaction on its completion.How exciting.You might have some monies left over to dye your hair purple again as in circa 2009.X


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