One step at a timeNyamazela means ‘forbearance’, ‘perseverance’, ‘never give up’ and ‘patience’,  as in the phrase: Ngoku- nyamezela kuka Tixo – “Through/with the forbearance of God.”
Broken down to its elements, ‘Nyama’ literally means ‘meat’ or ‘flesh’ and ‘zela’ translates something along the lines of ‘the spirit of’.

Spelt ‘nyamazela’ or ‘nyamezela’.

To have nyamazela is to have that spirit of ‘Never giving up!’.

This Nyamazela is feisty, but a complete softy, easily moved and eager to please. She is an Anglo-African who’s most comfortable in residence in her imagination, voraciously devouring stories in all forms. In real life she would find it hard to be Nyamazela without faith in God, prayer, and the love and encouragement of friends and family… and hopes to slowly but surely do all that she is called to do ‘une etape à la fois‘.

4 thoughts on “Nyamazela

  1. Nyamazela was also the nick name that was given to our Grandfather by his staff on his farm – he was something of a charater


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