Having a Wale of a time and other such stories

(The Secret Seven driving along the A470 towards Caerphilly.)

S-J: Where does uncle Gary live?
S: In Caerphilly.
S-J: Is he the same colour as us?
(6 of the secret seven, mouths open suppressing a giggle.)
S-J: Is he peach?

My observations: my family in action.

Tintern AbbeyFour adults. Three children. The Secret Seven have taken South West Wales by storm.

On Friday last we took a leisurely drive from London to our cottage on a working sheep and cattle farm out among the hills, hedges and narrow roads surrounding Monmouth. A converted barn was the only place that could house seven of us. Continue reading Having a Wale of a time and other such stories

Family fun

S-J: Mommy I don’t want any more.
M: Have three more beans.
S-J: I already had five beans.
M: Just one more then.
(M takes dinner plate away.)
S-J: Mommy, can I have a roll?
M: No, you can’t have a roll. If you’re still hungry you can have some more supper.
S-J: I don’t want supper, I want lunch.

My observations: my family in action.

Science museumYes, they are here – the Zambians have arrived. There is a growing pile of small shoes at the door, a tent in the lounge and Lego EVERYWHERE!

The thing I love about family and especially children are that they keep you on your toes. You can never let down your guard because there are ‘flapping’ BFG-type ears everywhere picking up ‘stompies’ (that’s cigarette butts for non-SA’s). Continue reading Family fun