“Birthdays need to be celebrated. I think it is more important to celebrate a birthday that a successful exam, a promotion, or a victory. Because to celebrate a birthday means to say to someone: ‘Thank you for being you.’ Celebrating a birthday is exalting a life and being glad for it. On a birthday we do not say: ‘Thanks for what you did, or said, or accomplished.’ No, we say: ‘Thank you for being born and being among us.’

Here and Now by Henri Nouwen

It’s been a bumper birthday week! Thank you for all your wishes.

I received a card in the post all the way from Bufallo, NY. I’ve had calls and messages from friends and family near and far. I’ve been sung to IRL and on WhatsApp by some very talented people – and some not so talented, but equally enthusiastic.

I got a bag of thoughtful gifts from my family in Hull, including a card decorated by KL-M, my littlest niece. (see photo, left).

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