It’s a mad, mad, modern world

“Maybe you’re standing on a commuter train, using this book as a filter between you and a repellent armpit. If so, I’m terribly sorry. That’s no way to start the day, is it? Face in a pit. Commuter trains are the only place you’d not question standing what in any other social scenario would be freakishly and embarrassingly close to a friend, let alone a stranger.”

Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart

Mad mad modern worldThis actually has happened to me on numerous occasions. I’m 5 foot 1, so optimal hight for the average armpit. The author of this book is about 6 foot 2 so I’m not sure she is really speaking from first hand experience. I would add to this. Worse than having your face in a pit during the morning commute is having your face in a pit during afternoon commute, on a boiling summer’s day in London. The Lord, in His wisdom has given me an olfactory system almost matching that of a sniffer dog, so imagine my torture…

I’m still trying to find my one true purpose with this nose of mine. More on that another time.

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